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Personal Project: Agency Module at Hyper Island
Role: Art-Direction



Brief: How can we generate interest in new music genres. 

Idea:  One Hour Agency develops business ideas within 60 minutes. An initiative of 8 young creatives that want to develop their network through creative business consulting. The agency kicked-off its career in New York. Where Ben Langeveld & Ingmar Larsen prototyped it with agencies like Your Majesty, Sid Lee, Ogilvy and WolffOlins. And after that worked for brands like Spotify, KLM/Air France and SBS/ Discovery Radio.



What others say about it:

  • Adweek on the One Hour Agency

    ‘You guys are pretty fucked up in the head, but I like that’ - Brandon Pierce, Creative Director Sid Lee New York.

    ‘I like it. It’s quick. It’s efficient.’ - Walter Naeslund, Creative Director Honesty Stockholm

    ‘I must say you guys are really breaking the template’. - Rodrigo Moran, Creative Director Ogilvy New York: