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creative that creates relevant concepts for brands and consumers. Ideas that stick. 


Photo credits: Paul Rietveld

Photo credits: Paul Rietveld


Ingmar Larsen

I am a Creative/Art Director who loves everything that’s simple and smart. I studied at Hyper Island in Sweden, hold a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Digital Media Design. I worked at several international agencies and got over 5 years of work experience in the industry.  I’m passionate about design, entrepreneurship, digital storytelling and just great ideas. If you like my work and portfolio let's have a chat. 

"Ingmar was one of the hardest working creatives I've managed. Not only did he do what was expected of him on projects he was assigned, but he always went a step above and beyond to deliver proactive ideas. And he was always looking to improve and always asking questions and seeking advice." 
Dave CanningExecutive Creative Director at 180 Amsterdam
Ingmar thrives on creating ideas that are out of the ordinary. A true purveyor of leftfield thinking. He is also entrepreneurial, always looking for an opportunity. 
Al Moseley, President and Chief Creative Officer at 180 Amsterdam
"Ingmar's a hard-working, enthusiastic, innovative creative. He comes up with
fresh ideas that he presents in smart ways. We'll probably all be working for him in a few years." 

Howard Finkelstein, Copywriter at W&K NYC
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