180 Out-of-Office Reply

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Agency: 180Kingsday
Role: Concept & Art-Direction



Problem: During the holiday season many people travel home to celebrate Christmas with their families. Sadly some people, especially clients, are still working and sending work related e-mails. How to awake their Christmas spirit and remind them in a delicate way that the holiday season had just started?

Idea: 180 Amsterdam created the Christmas Autoreply Choir film, to deliver its “out of office reply” during the Christmas period. Led by Kees Verhaar, the Dutch children's choir 'KinderKoor Prettig Weekend' adapted the traditional Christmas song 'O Come All Ye Faithful' using the standard agency e-mail response - including the agency’s official disclaimer, to create a humorous film that's full of Christmas spirit. The project made 180Kingsday a little bit more famous.


  • Online publications like Adformatie/LBB online

  • Happy Clients